Buy LED fluorescent tubes

LED fluorescent lamps are a perfect alternative to replace your old fluorescent tube.

Up to 5x more economical and, above all, a longer lifespan. No flicker or ballast required. The flickering of fluorescent lamps can feel unpleasant and sometimes lead to a headache. With our LED fluorescent lamps you do not have this problem.

Can you easily replace a fluorescent lamp with an LED fluorescent lamp?

Yes, you can use the LED TL perfectly without any adjustment in your old TL fixture. Replace old starter with an LED starter and you're done. Not only the longer lifespan is an advantage. The LED TL does not contain any hazardous substances such as a fluorescent TL lamp. The frequency of our LED fluorescent lamps is also higher, so you don't get a headache. Much more pleasant to work under

How to install:

  • Do you have a luminaire with a starter?
    Remove the starter and replace it with the supplied LED starter and LED tl in it. Done (see diagram)
  • Caution!
    If the fluorescent fixture uses a high-frequency ballast, remove it from the circuit and connect it as shown in the diagram below on 1 side.

 With LED starter:
 With LED starter

Without a starter a high-frequency ballast:

LED fluorescent schedule