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G4 (GU4) halogeen vervanger 1W LED lamp YARLED 12v AC/DC

LED G4 / GU4 lights on 12v

You probably know the G4 halogen lights that you often find in the kitchen, ceiling lights, campers etc ...
Usually there is a possibility to dim the lights.

Can G4 in LED replace the halogen lights?

The LED G4 lights can perfectly replace the old halogen lights in Light color and strength. They do this 10x more efficient. Because they are so economical, it is recommended to replace your old halogen G4 bulbs. This way you quickly save? 20 / y on a lamp in consumption.

Can you dim the LED G4 lights?

Our LED G4 lamps have the option to dim them.
This depends on the minimum requirement of your dimmer and dimmable transformer. We have this dimmer for this:
And possibly Dimmable transformer:

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